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IT Maturity, Inc. Newsletter #21

Show Your CEO and Peers That Your IT Team is Going Above and Beyond to be Business Focused!

Use IT Maturity’s Business Enhancement processes for IT. Just as effective processes were built for software development years ago, IT Maturity has created an effective set of IT processes around business enhancement.

By implementing IT focused Business Enhancement processes like those from IT Maturity, you explicitly state to the customers of IT in your enterprise that their business activities and success are your team’s primary concern.

Often IT customers and CEO’s claim that IT is too focused on its’ own internal processes and not enough on aiding IT customers in getting their business jobs done. This is understandable in that the majority of IT literature, research, training, and certification is all oriented around software development. IT Maturity is working to change this by providing concrete business focused processes to IT organizations.

Using a business focused perspective IT evolves into four separate activities: Business Enhancement, Technology Advancement to enable the Business Enhancement, Vendor Integration to utilize external expertise to make the Business Enhancement happen, and Leadership Improvement.

Each of these activities accentuates IT’s business focus in different ways. Business Enhancement focuses on a detailed understanding of: the business functions, and interactions of the enterprise; usage of IT and associated impact on business functions; as well as how IT can be used to enhance the innovation processes within each business function.

Technology Advancement focuses on technology management and discovery of technology that can directly impact specific business functions as well as impact on products, services, and manufacturing. 

With Vendor Integration there is a recognition that IT is not the only enterprise activity that is often too mired in its own internal processes to the detriment to the larger business context. Processes are introduced to reorient supplier management and legal to refocus on larger business goals at least within IT’s purview. This includes a reorientation of vendor relationship management around business focus.

One of IT Maturity’s most important slogan’s is:

    “Exceptional Leaders are NOT Heroes, Instead Exceptional Leaders Methodically and Continuously Create Heroes.”

Leadership Improvement, along with elements of the other IT activities described above, focuses on providing IT tools to aid in the methodical and continual creation of heroes across both IT and the larger enterprise.

As an example of one small element of Leadership Improvement, the leadership principle of “Risk Taking” receives a significant amount of attention at the executive level in today’s business world. However, formalized processes are typically missing. IT Maturity provides such processes.

When investigating Risk Taking in greater depth you realize that there are many different types of risk. Some types of risks make sense to take, other types of risks don’t make sense to take due to potential consequences. IT Maturity provides mechanisms to track and measure not only how much more risk taking is actually being done within an enterprise, but also to measure which types of risks are paying off and which are not.   

As a first step IT Maturity provides a one day onsite training session for IT and enterprise teams. The next step is a four-day interactive assessment where IT Maturity works with your team to create a roadmap for implementation of business focused IT processes and tools within your enterprise.

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