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IT Maturity, Inc. Newsletter #28

I Have an Enterprise Dream!  

I have a dream where enterprises are no longer places of social games where multiple instances of the “Survivor” TV show are run day in day out.

I have a dream where political games no longer hold back enterprises in achieving their best.

I have a dream where every employee has all the tools they need to innovate and is excited to do so.

I have a dream where innovation takes place across the board in enterprises.

I have a dream where all employees are connected and communicate with directed business effect across the enterprise, where every employee has all the tools and encouragement necessary to be a leader.

I have a dream where a great multitude of employees naturally, easily, and quickly progress in leadership skills to the point where they easily walk into leadership positions

I have a dream where scope and extent of business activities are easily defined and understood for an optimized enterprise.

Some may say that this dream is unrealizable. Some may say that it is crass to use the the “I have a dream” phrase to discuss business.

I strongly disagree. A multitude of humans live deeply within business and enterprise environments. Great liberty can be gained for those individuals and their enterprises by enabling them with tools to innovate, be excited, and lead.

Information Technology (IT) provides the community the ability to help make the above dreams happen. IT Maturity provides training and consulting to help enterprises make these dreams happen.

IT Maturity provides training and consulting in a comprehensive IT Maturity Methodology that can be used to mature enterprises so that they are methodically and continually prepared for Technology, Business, Vendor, and Leadership changes. This includes insights into many of the impending IT and automation changes that will dramatically alter tomorrow’s business world. Contact information for IT Maturity is given below.

You can purchase the Online Leadership Improvement course at http://itmaturityinc .com/shop/products-page/leadership-training/ and the book at Leadership Improvement: The IT Maturity Method by Justin Coven, Ph.D.

If you have questions, would like to discuss the material, want to network, want to take the full IT Maturity Method course (includes Business Enhancement, Technology Advancement, Vendor Integration, and Leadership), or want to schedule in-house training (Option 1: Full IT Maturity Method; Option2: Leadership and Innovation) please contact us via the below contact information:

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