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IT Maturity, Inc. Newsletter #23

Are Your own CIO Performance Measures Creating a Glass Ceiling?  

As a CIO you’ve spent a lot of time working with you CEO, peers, and HR creating measures of your performance and finally everything is in place and aligned with typical IT activities and financials. However, you may have just created your own glass ceiling. Not only that, you may have limited your enterprise in its ability to move to the next stage of Enterprise Maturity.

Your measures may be focused on IT savings as opposed to the businesses’ bottom line. Information Technology’s true purpose is to enhance the business not just to develop software or implement infrastructure. If the measures of your own performance are centered on the financials of software and infrastructure, you will always be trapped under a glass ceiling. By reorienting your own and the larger IT department’s metrics to how much you enhance the business, you will be seen as an enabler of business, as essential to the businesses’ maturity, and the glass ceiling will vanish.

The IT Maturity Method™ includes twenty-seven new integrated tools. All of them are oriented around using IT to mature enterprises. This includes seven tools that focus on using IT for Business Enhancement, eight tools for Technology Advancement, seven tools for Vendor Integration, and five tools for Leadership Improvement.

Using the new IT Maturity Method™ vision new business enhancement measures emerge for not just CIO’s  and IT, but also for the rest of the enterprise team.

Reviewers say that these are not “me too” tools, meaning that they are not tools that you are likely to have created yourself or found somewhere else.

You can purchase the Online Leadership Improvement course at http://itmaturityinc .com/shop/products-page/leadership-training/ and the book at Leadership Improvement: The IT Maturity Method by Justin Coven, Ph.D.

If you have questions, would like to discuss the material, want to network, want to take the full IT Maturity Method course (includes Business Enhancement, Technology Advancement, Vendor Integration, and Leadership), or want to schedule in-house training (Option 1: Full IT Maturity Method; Option2: Leadership and Innovation) please contact us via the below contact information:

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