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IT Maturity, Inc. Newsletter #1

Technology and Market Change are Accelerating, Learn how IT Maturity can Help you Take Advantage of This Change!

Critical Business elements include Technology, Processes, People, Competition, Customers, and Cost.  In this newsletter we discuss at a high level IT Maturity Method’s impact on these and other elements.

IT Maturity Newsletter #1

While this newsletter focuses on the what, future newsletters will focus on the how of individual elements.

It is most natural to expect IT to prepare you for change in IT technology. However, a mature IT organization goes further. Using  the IT Maturity Method your IT organization will: identify new IT Technology to advance each process and sub-process of your  business; as well as identify new IT Technology to integrate into both products and manufacturing (see Technology Advancement and Newsletter #4).

It is also common for IT to improve it’s own Processes through formalization and automation. But IT Maturity goes well beyond this in the creation of an agile scientific methodology to advance leadership, vendor management, business processes, and technology management.

More amazingly, Mature IT (and associated  automation) creates innovations in the empowerment and greater leveraging of the People in your organization via delegation of leadership and strategy (see Newsletters #7 and #5).

The IT Maturity Methodology engages your broader organization in understanding your Competition across all process areas. Additionally, dramatic changes in IT technology can be integrated into your service model to metamorphize how your organization engages with and interacts with Customers (see Newsletter #3).

Further, the IT Maturity Method  enables your organization to realize significant Cost advantages by: segmenting vendors and contractual models for best valuation; and enabling superior negotiation positions by  automating the tracking and balancing of negotiation time and negotiation options (see Vendor Integration).

Additionally, IT Maturity, Inc. can help in a myriad of other critical business activities such as Position, Deregulation, Capital  Markets, and Globalization via specialized IT enabled process improvements.

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Newsletter #1:
Technology and market change are accelerating, learn how IT Maturity can help you take advantage of this change!