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Newsletter #11: Everything You’ve Learned About Leadership is Wrong!

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The IT Maturity Method is built for Pragmatists

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IT Maturity offers training to advance IT Technology, Business Integration, Leadership, and Vendor Management.

While visionaries and technology enthusiasts are certainly excited about the IT Maturity Method (ITMM), it is really built for pragmatists.

The IT Maturity Method does not require a shift away from how IT and business are being currently done in an organization, but rather it is a method for maturation of those IT and business processes.

It is a method to improve processes incrementally by defining (documenting) current processes, tracking and measuring those processes, and then tuning and advancing them.

The IT Maturity Method does not just define new principles and then wait for change, it aggressively and assertively tracks and measures to provide feedback to force change.

As opposed to plodding through many different partially applicable courses in Leadership, Vendor Management, Technology Advancement, and Business/IT integration, pragmatists can take one comprehensive IT course in the IT Maturity Method.

Pragmatists also use the IT Maturity Method to filter out overly bureaucratic elements of legacy IT processes such as those of software development and CMMi.

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