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Course Description

ITMM 14: Leadership Improvement

One of IT Maturity’s most important slogans is:

    Exceptional Leaders are NOT Heroes, Instead Exceptional Leaders Methodically and Continuously Create Heroes.

IT Maturity provides numerous tools for leaders to use to aid individuals in achieving and interacting effectively (i.e. becoming heroes) in a methodical and continuous way.

One tool is 'Leadership Principles'. Additional tools make sure that your team not only defines effective leadership principles and structures, but also measures, tracks, and tunes the usage of those principles and structures on an ongoing basis.

IT Maturity Leadership includes principles in five different categories: 1) Management (i.e. Deliverables, Issues, Schedules, Milestones, Risks, and Prioritization); 2) Organization (i.e. Escalation, Delegation, Empowerment, Communication, and Context); 3) Extent (i.e. lightweight, depth, increments, scope); 4) Culture (e.g. Risk Taking, Customer Focused, Accountable, Verification, Preparation for Uncertainty, Problem Solving); and 5) Vision (e.g. in business functions, generic IT, product, service, manufacture, and partner/vendor integration).

The Culture leadership principle of “Risk Taking” receives a significant amount of attention at the executive level in today’s business world. However, formalized processes are typically missing. IT Maturity provides such processes.

When investigating Risk Taking in greater depth you realize that there are many different types of risks . Some types of risks make sense to take, other types of risks don’t make sense to take due to potential consequences. IT Maturity provides mechanisms to track and measure not only how much more risk taking is actually being done within an enterprise, but also to measure which types of risks are paying off and which are not.

Five tools will be discussed: Leadership Principles, Organizational Structure, Tasks and Responsibilities of Organizations, Tracking Organizations, and Tracking Principles.

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See the Leadership Improvement webpage for more details.

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