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Leadership Improvement: The IT Maturity Method by Justin Coven, Ph.D.

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IT Maturity Method™ Benefits

  • The IT Maturity Method does not require a shift away from how IT and business are being currently done in an organization, but rather it is a method for maturation of existing IT and business processes. There is no fear factor of tearing up your organization. Just the opposite occurs, the IT Maturity Method enables better integration of your organization.
  • It is a method to improve processes incrementally by defining (documenting) current processes, tracking and measuring those processes, and then tuning and advancing them.
  • No longer does the executive team need to fear not knowing what is going on. The IT Maturity Method provides highly effective tracking and measuring tools on not only what is being worked on in the organization; but also how well communication, escalation, delegation are being done; as well as how problem solving is be broken up and being handled effectively. 
  • The IT Maturity Method  does not just define new principles and then wait for change, it aggressively and assertively tracks and measures to provide feedback to force change.
  • As opposed to plodding through many different partially applicable courses in Leadership, Vendor Management, Technology Advancement, and Business/IT integration, pragmatists can take one comprehensive IT course in the IT Maturity Method. 
  • The IT Maturity Method can be used to filter out overly bureaucratic elements of legacy IT processes such as those of software development and CMMi.
  • Each of the twenty-seven tools of the ITMM and its four offices provides its own benefits in defining, tracking, measuring, tuning, and advancing IT and its integration with the business.

Leadership Improvement Benefits

  • The Leadership Improvement Office provides tools to enable all leaders to use good leadership practices methodically and consistently. [Tracking Organizations]

Business Enhancement Benefits

  • The Business Enhancement Office provides tools for IT to integrate with the business in each area and subarea of the business. [Business Function Maps]
  • Business Enhancement Office tools help identify and eliminate activities that are not providing added value in each area and subarea of the business. [Business Value]
  • Tools from the Business Enhancement Office identify activities that can provide business add on in each area and subarea of the business. [Business Function Maps]

Technology Advancement Benefits

  • Technology Advancement Office tools analyze how IT services and technologies can enhance the business at a sub-unit level. [Architecture Improvement]
  • The Technology Advancement Office provides a set of tools that can be used to identify IT technologies that can be applied across the enterprise. [Architecture Improvement]
  • Company product and service advancements are fostered via Technology Advancement Office tools. [Enhancing Product and Service]

Vendor Integration Benefits

  • Tools from the Vendor Integration Office help tune and optimize your vendor relationships. [Vendor Performance]
  • The Vendor Integration Office tools help ensure that your vendor relationships are oriented to help your business. [Vendor Business Enhancement]
  • The Vendor Integration Office provides tools to help ensure that your vendor relationships are kept up to date with respect to technology and IT services. [Eliciting Integration]

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