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Benefit from state of the art training across the spectrum of  IT activities.


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Training & Consulting

Methodically and Continuously Enable Your IT Organization to Better Support and Enhance Your Business!

Training Course and Consulting Package Key

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IT Maturity offers  training to advance IT Business Enhancement, Technology, Leadership, and Vendor Integration.

The first digit represents approximate duration of course or consulting package, 1 - two hours, 2 - one day, 3 - one week, 4 - multiple weeks.

The second digit represents the course material, 1 - Business Enhancement (BE), 2 - Technology Advancement (TA), 3 - Vendor Integration (VI), 4 - Leadership Improvement (LI), 5 - a combination of all four (BE/TA/VI/LI), 6 thru 8 - other alternative combinations of material, 9 - general.

The typical IT Maturity client sequence is:

  • Training Course ITMM 14 (two hours online)
  • Training Course ITMM 25 (one day onsite)
  • Consulting Package ITMM 35 (1 week onsite)
  • Consulting Package ITMM 45 (Multiple weeks onsite).

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