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Leadership Improvement Office (LIO) Tools –  Definitions

Exceptional Leadership is the ability to Methodically and Continually Create Heroes!

IT Maturity provides training on how to methodically and continuously create heroes (i.e. how to enable individuals across the enterprise to achieve, excel, and interact effectively). Further, IT Maturity provides training and consulting in how to create IT tools that enable individuals across the enterprise to methodically and continuously achieve, excel, and interact effectively.

IT Maturity Method Leadership Improvement training will make you feel that your team is not only defining effective leadership principles and structures, but also measuring, tracking, and tuning the usage of those principles and structures on an ongoing basis. Thereby enabling the methodical and continuous creation of heroes throughout your enterprise.

The basic elements of a leadership definition are the delineation of both guiding principles and organizational structures. 

Leadership Principles

When covering Leadership Principles you will hear why leadership needs to be delegated.

An IT perspective of leadership is provided that focuses on only those aspects of leadership that correlate with entities operating with in an organization. For without an organization there is no leader. From this perspective there are five different categories of leadership: 1) Management (i.e. Deliverables , Issues, Schedules, Milestones, Risks, and Prioritization); 2) Organization (i.e. Escalation, Delegation, Empowerment, Communication, and Context); 3) Extent (i.e. lightweight, depth, increments, scope); 4) Culture (e.g. Risk Taking, Customer Focused, Accountable, Verification, Preparation for Uncertainty, Problem Solving); and 5) Vision (e.g. in business functions, generic IT, product, service, manufacture, and partner/vendor integration).

Is your team unaware of which leadership principles are critical to your specific endeavor? Are leadership principles haphazardly known and practiced? Then click here to take ITMM online Leadership Improvement training.

Organizational Structures

With Organizational Structures your team will learn when to use different organizational structures.

Organizational structures are optimized around business purposes and understood across the enterprise. Additionally, organizational principles are understood by the enterprise team.

Does your organization have an unbalanced structure? Are your organizational structures unmatched to specific situations and too rigid to morph when needed? Then click here to take ITMM online Leadership Improvement training.

Tasks and Responsibilities of Organizations

In Tasks and Responsibilities of Organizations your team will see new ways to rollout and delegate leadership.

A realistic high-level analysis of the responsibilities and tasks that each organization,  team, and committee performs provides significant opportunities for new insights. A well published high-level enterprise view of who handles which tasks, as well as rules for resolving ambiguities, enables reduction of over-the-wall behavior.

Are organizations and activities in a state of deadlock? Do items fall through the gaps between organizations? Does your team have a “throw it over the wall” mentality? Is there excessive bureaucracy, conflict, and blame? Are loads unbalanced?  Then click here to take ITMM online Leadership Improvement training.

Leadership Improvement Office Tools – Tracking and Measuring

Tracking Organizations

When covering Tracking Organizations you will learn how to make sure that good leadership is being used. [Benefits] [FAQ]

Tools are provided to insure that good leadership principles are implemented methodically and effectively all the time.

Does it take too long to get your organization to act on and implement new leadership principles? Then click here to take ITMM online Leadership Improvement training.

Tracking Principles

With Tracking Principles your team will hear how to track and tune leadership to best enhance your business.

Leadership principles are tuned to best benefit business. Additionally, ITMM tools help determine which principles are providing business value, which principles have exceptions, and which principles should be revised.

Are you unable to quantify the effect that new leadership principles are having on your organization? Then click here to take ITMM online Leadership Improvement training.

Leadership Improvement - White Paper

For more in-depth information on ITMM Leadership Improvement download the following:

ITMM Leadership Improvement White Paper

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